Client Speak

"In 2014, Doha Bank decided to move to a structured ALM solution and decided to implement Surya's BALM. In addition, it was decided to procure a FTP system to meet the profitability measurement requirements. These systems were implemented successfully within in a short span of time in Qatar, Kuwait & UAE. A consolidator that aggregates ALM positions at the head office has also been implemented.

Surya has helped to significantly reduce the end of day processing time to under 45 minutes. Besides the central bank reporting, BALM has helped the bank produce Basel III liquidity reports.

We are happy to have partnered with Surya, support from them has been reassuring."

Mr. Gaurav Dhingra, Head of Financial Risk, Doha Bank, Qatar

New Implementations

New Finance Bank (NFB), Malawi

A wholly owned subsidiary of Finance Bank Zambia, NFB shortlisted Surya’s Asset and Liability Management system, BALM, to measure and manage liquidity and interest rate risks. In addition, Surya helped NFB automate generation of 55 regulatory reports related to Capital Risk, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Interest Rate Risk and Operational Risk, by implementing RRS (also known as CallR-RBM).

Surya completed this implementation in 40 days. NFB was able to submit the first set of Call Reports well within the initial deadline of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, despite the project being started only a few weeks before this deadline. In parallel to BALM and Call Report implementation, the core banking system was being upgraded. The interface program developed by Surya was flexible enough to handle the changes due to this upgrade.

Pure International, Hong Kong

Based in Hong Kong, Pure conducts lifestyle and fitness sessions. Surya has developed an Android based App that tracks warehouse inventory. In addition, Surya is helping Pure in support and maintenance of Microsoft AX ERP system.

Orders Won

Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (REC), India

Distinguished as a NAVRATNA company (companies considered significantly important and given greater autonomy by the Government), REC is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that finances and promotes electrification projects across India and has an asset size of over USD 2 bn.

To meet the analytics and reporting requirements associated with ALM and Capital Adequacy, REC shortlisted Surya’s BALM for NBFCs. In addition to the regular ALM reports, this system generates Capital Adequacy and Risk Weighted Assets reports for the NBFCs.

Unlike in banks, in this implementation Surya is interfacing with an ERP system and other source systems.

City Union Bank (CUB), India

Operating for over 100 years, City Union Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in southern India. The bank has 426 branches with an asset size of over USD 6 bn.

In keeping with the changes in the regulatory landscape and risk analytics environment, CUB acknowledged the need for a more contemporary ALM system and hence decided to replace its existing ALM with Surya’s BALM.

Surya is implementing BALM, an Asset Liability Management Solution, a Regulatory Reporting system to generate latest reporting requirements of Reserve Bank of India.

New Products

Upgrades in Anti Money Laundering System

Surya’s AML product has been upgraded to incorporate more behavioral based features and functions. The system is now capable of conducting a phonetic search on the sanctions list. Algorithm has been improved to reduce false alarms and to be more pre-emptive in fraud detection.