Increased international regulation and regulatory fines have intensified the focus on AML specific activities at banks across the globe. Today’s AML program managers need to keep up with more sophisticated criminal schemes, evolving regulations, increased scrutiny, new banking products and interaction channels, and of course, new technology.

Surya’s AML system is a customer identity management and an ongoing transaction monitoring system. System provides comprehensive suspicious activity detection, a simplified workflow for case management, reduced false positives and easy integration for management and regulatory reporting.

features at a glance

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    KYC Profiling

    Detailed Information and transaction activities are collected at the time of account opening to evaluate all aspects of a customer’s profile. This helps in arriving at a risk rating for each customer

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    Watch list Maintenance

    Various watch lists published by world organizations and local FIUs can be maintained in the system.

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    Benchmarking allows bank to set up rules and scenarios for each risk grade and define the frequency of running these rules and scenarios as per the risk grade.

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    Transaction Risk Measurement

    An ongoing identification and filtering of transactions from all customer accounts as per defined rules and scenarios that pose greatest risk of money laundering.

  • aml_5
    Workflow and Case Management

    Tools that assist in alert investigation , escalation and compliance reporting.

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    Branch Level Access

    Access at the teller level can be provided to report counterfeit currency transactions.


  • aml_help_1

    Comply with local regimes in preventing crime and trafficking activities.

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    Improve reputation of bank and aids in sustainable growth. A robust AML system can help a bank to cement the trust and faith of counterparty banks and customers.

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    Handle large volume transactions and allows efficient allocation of resources using case management.

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    Reduce false alarms by continuous refinement in benchmarking process