Volatile global markets, changing regulations, and an ever-increasing number of financial products are necessitating a laser like focus on controlling liquidity and interest rate risks. In this environment, banks must manage all risks effectively, model customer behavior and strategy, and simulate a wide range of other economic variables.

Surya offers a Bank Asset and Liability Management (BALM) solution that enables banks to effectively measure and manage liquidity risk, interest rate risk and forex risk. Through a comprehensive set of analytical tools and reports, BALM performs multi-dimensional balance sheet analysis producing trends and forecasting ratios, and stress tests to optimize decision making.

features at a glance

  • risk_icon
    liquidity risk

    graphical and tolerance analyses, cost to close, short-term dynamics, and Basel III ratios.

  • interst_rate
    interest rate

    sensitivity, tolerance, duration, market value, and comparative analyses.

  • forex
    forex risk

    impact analysis, multi-currency and translation risk reports.

  • scenerio
    scenario generation & analysis

    including rollover prepayment, forwards, contingency planning, and Monte Carlo simulation.

  • one_view_2
    Behavioral Analysis

    of maturity and non-maturity products

  • financial
    financial analytics

    on key ratios, trends and comparisons, as well as regulatory and custom reports

  • alco
    Alco support

    such as report distribution, meeting organization, and documentation.


  • bank_1

    Simplify definition of even the most complex products

  • bank_4

    Evaluate the potential impact of changes on the balance sheet and overall business operations

  • bank_2

    Improve the quality and efficiency of reporting

  • bank_3

    Scale to enterprise ALM requirements

  • bank_5

    Enhance efficiency through integration with vendor and proprietary transaction processing systems

  • control_help_3

    Generate Basel III Liquidity risk consisting liquidity coverage ratio, net stable funding ratio, leverage ratios and liquidity stress tests