Financial budgeting and forecasting are important pillars for any enterprise, especially for banks. Interest Income and Expenses are key factors driving growth and stability, besides other fee based income and expenses. Hence a budgeting and forecasting system is critical to financial control.

Surya offers a Budgeting and Forecasting System (BFS) that helps to budget, forecast and measure performance of businesses, with automation of actual data collection and management. BFS prepares budgets, plans benchmarks, forecasts costs & revenues and compares actual performance with budgets and benchmarks.

features at a glance

  • bfs_1
    Workflow-based budgeting

    on multiple budgets, drafts and comparisons, balance sheet and associated P&L

  • bfs_2

    includes market movements based on actual or budgeted data, statistical analysis, and business unit and hierarchical level

  • bfs_3

    that provide comparisons between actual performance with budgets and forecasts, and on budget variances


  • bfs_help_1

    Meet your end-to-end budgeting and forecasting requirements

  • bfs_help_2

    Accurately model budgeted and forecasted values on balance sheets and P&L

  • bfs_help_3

    Evaluate financial performance on a daily basis

  • bfs_help_4

    Mitigate risks with financial planning

  • bfs_help_5

    Interface with any general ledger system to receive actual data

  • bfs_help_6

    Increase productivity and performance with better day-to-day visibility of financial performance

  • bfs_help_7

    Set financial targets by creating an unlimited number of forecasts