Getting data in one place, fully reconciled, including all balance sheet and off balance sheet positions and their contracted cash flows and anticipated cash flows in case of indeterminate maturity contracts is a crucial piece of information systems in any financial services organization and most certainly for a bank. Management and Regulatory information requirements both keep demanding lower and lower levels of granularity on one side and summaries at different groupings and hierarchies on the other side.
Considering this requirement, Surya’s Data Harmonizer has been designed differently from those of competing products and our own previous versions.


  • Enables seamless integration with bank’s transaction systems
  • Collects and processes data once and uses it for multiple applications
  • Built-in Cashflow generation programs for almost all types of Balance sheet and Off-balance sheet Products
  • Super Fast and Robust processing engines
  • Reconciliation and Data Validation tools built-in
  • Option to process adjustment entries and reruns
  • Cashflow adjustments features, examples: applying defeasance study to investments cashflows