Geographically diverse banks have fixed assets distributed across locations. Depreciation calculations using various methods and transfers between locations create a unique challenge.
Surya addresses these fundamental challenges and unique requirements of such diverse banks with its Fixed Asset Management (FAM) solution. A centralized web-based system, FAM provides end-to-end tracking of a fixed asset throughout its lifecycle- from asset registration and maintenance, to depreciation, sale and write-off.

features at a glance

  • fam_1
    Fixed asset

    booking and register

  • fam_2

    per multiple accounting standards

  • fam_3
    maintenance, transfer, revaluation

    Captures all details of maintenance, transfer, revaluation, and disposal of the fixed asset

  • central_management
    central management

    of documents related to Fixed Assets


  • fam_help_1

    Gain a complete view of all fixed assets quickly and easily

  • fam_help_2

    Quickly register fixed assets with all information captured

  • fam_help_3

    Manage the entire lifecycle, from booking to disposal, in multiple currencies

  • fam_help_4

    Meet financial accounting and reporting requirements

  • fam_help_5

    Revalue an asset or set of assets belonging to the same asset class

  • fam_help_6

    Analyze data on assets, valuation and depreciation across the enterprise