Executive Dashboard accumulates Risk, Return and Capital data that are spread across multiple disparate systems.

Surya has developed OneView, a platform that consolidates risk, return and capital information from multiple data sources into an integrated executive dashboard.

Features at a Glance

  • one_view_1

    Developed using the latest browser, tablet and mobile-ready technologies

  • one_view_2

    Integrates to multiple data sources

  • one_view_3

    Customizable views

  • one_view_4

    Provides facility to reconcile risk and general ledger data

  • one_view_5

    Modern user interface supporting graphical data visualization

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    Available as a cloud hosted service


  • one_view_help_1

    Gain greater holistic insight into risk, return and capital

  • one_view_help_2

    Track risk, return and capital using a set of key indicators

  • one_view_help_3

    Drill down further into granular details