A varied range of investment strategies is key to differentiate from competition, while keeping operations lean, efficient and stable. Scaling up is a definite challenge. Multi-asset, multi-currency risk analytics and reporting are essential to manage portfolios effectively and comply with customer requests of reporting.

Portfolio risk measurement and reporting requires sophisticated statistical tools and analytics. For asset managers, Surya offers R-Control, a solution that supports investment portfolios with complete risk management and integrated reporting. R-Control evaluates risks of multi-asset class portfolios using multiple risk measurements. It provides information on holdings and risks of portfolios by strategy, investment class, investment type, portfolio manager and currency.

features at a glance

  • control_1
    Holdings and risk

    summaries, investment details, limit summaries, and VaR

  • control_2
    Risk indicators

    including option Greeks, volatility, correlations, covariance, and historical VaR.

  • control_3

    capabilities including fund overviews and investor, marketing and liquidity reports

  • control_4
    Scenario analysis

    for P&L, historical stress analysis, sensitivity scenarios, and performance indicators

  • control_5

    covering comparative, trends, and ad hoc portfolio analyses

  • Factor-models
    Factor models

    including factor and principal component analyses, and performance indicators

  • Graphical-reporting
    Graphical reporting

    holding and risk factors in both standard and custom formats with drill-down capabilities

  • Scalable-and-Flexible
    Scalable and Flexible

    customise to specific needs


  • control_help_1

    Improve transparency and reporting

  • control_help_2

    Integrate easily with data providers and other systems to aggregate data and enable workflows

  • control_help_3

    Enhance user experience and workflows with personalized, user-defined reports and views

  • control_help_4

    Effectively limit and monitor exposure across multiple strategies

  • perform

    Perform stress and sensitivity simulations and analysis across multiple asset classes

  • gain_an_integrated

    Gain an integrated, qualitative and quantitative view of risk, including illiquid funds

  • support_investor

    Support investors servicing and information requirements