what we do


We provide software products and implementation services for financial risk management of banks and financial services industry. For corporates, we provide web based, shared facility treasury management products. In addition, we help make custom developed apps on variety of platforms using an internally developed toolset AppBrahma.

Founded in 1999, we have worked across four continents. We help more than 65 banks, hedge funds and corporations around the world make better business decisions by mitigating risk, enhancing profitability and complying with regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive solutions help organizations gain efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and effectively manage financial performance. We are headquartered in Bangalore, India and have a North American office in Greenwich, CT.

Products are complemented by a range of services including implementation services of our products, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP services, custom application development and multi-browser multi-device websites testing. Our management team has a blend of industry and technical knowledge. Our team has gained experience from working with leading financial institutions and software companies around the world.

why us

At Surya, we believe that high quality leads to high productivity. We offer the right balance of technical excellence in software engineering and deep knowledge of risk management. Our core values are focused on simplicity, superior functional architecture, advanced technology, quick deployment and ease of maintenance. We ensure greater efficiency and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for our clients.

  • We provide affordable, high-quality solutions that leverage and coexist with your existing IT investments
  • We quickly deliver value at a lower cost by implementing scalable, user friendly and customizable solutions in weeks, not months
  • We create solutions that accommodate existing and future financial products
  • Our solutions span the entire spectrum of financial risk management, from liquidity and credit, to market and operational risks
  • Our responsive service enables us to customize every implementation to specific client requirements
  • Our leadership team has extensive experience in financial risk management, treasury management, banking and software product development

our leadership

  • Image:D N Prahlad

    D.N. Prahlad

    Founder and Non-Executive Chairman

    Currently an Independent Director on the board of Infosys, formerly a Senior Vice President and a valued member of the core team of Infosys Technologies from its early days, D.N. Prahlad played a pivotal role in that company's growth, contributing significantly in its quest of excellence. Prahlad has a bachelor's degree in engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

  • Image:JYOTHI B S

    Jyothi B.S.

    Managing Director

    A Computer Science Engineer from the University of Mysore, has been part of the founding team of Surya Software Systems. She has made significant contributions in the technology, product, delivery and business realm of Surya’s growth story.

    Today in the capacity of the top honcho of the company she continues to significantly contribute in the rapid growth of the company across the globe. Her Leadership has ensured Surya grows into a technologically innovative organisation in today’s world of disruptive evolution across business models.

  • Image:Sreekanth

    Sreekanth Mangulam


    Sreekanth Mangulam is a founding employee of Surya and is the chief architect of Surya’s solutions. He is a key player in developing relationships with clients for product development and support. Sreekanth has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Mysore. He currently is based in Connecticut, USA.

  • Image:SrinivasaraoBVPhoto

    Srinivasa Rao B.V.


    Srinivasa Rao was one of the founding employees of Surya and is the technical architect of many of Surya’s products. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Mysore.

our clients


We help more than 65 banks, hedge funds and corporations across four continents make better business decisions by mitigating risk, enhancing profitability, and complying with regulatory requirements. Ranging from large banks with more than USD 60 billion in assets to small and medium-sized organizations, they trust Surya to deliver results. Our relentless dedication to quality has enabled us to earn their confidence.