Flutter is a great way to build mobile & web applications out of a single codebase. This allows your company to reduce time to market, stay in sync across platforms, and maintain one team. Surya has been building Flutter applications from the early days of Flutter.

Native iOS and Android Development

While Flutter is a great fit for many applications, it has its limitations. To build truly world class user experiences, with the highest performance, the best approach is to build native apps using Apple’s and Google’s first party frameworks and tools. Native development allows us to leverage the latest and greatest hardware and software features of the OS, and fully utilize what each platform has to offer. Surya has been building native mobile applications from the very early days of the iPhone and Android and brings over a decade of experience & expertise to the table. We have also invested heavily in tools & frameworks that enable us to build world class native applications at high quality and on time.

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Development of After Sales Service System for Louis Pion

November 13, 2015

A subsidiary of Galeries Lafayette Group, Louis Pion is a leading retailer and fashion watch manufacturer. Headquartered in France, Louis Pion has more than 170 stores. ERP used by Louis Pion did not cater to the unique requirements of After Sales Se…

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“We asked to develop the V1 of our mobile application and we are more than satisfied with the result. As a young start-up, we had a limited budget, but that did not prevent us from producing a real qualitative first version. The team is attentive, available and super responsive. I sincerely recommend them. ”


“We had the chance to work with Surya Digital to create Lejit’s first MVP. As such, we were able to be supported by an available, competent, and attentive team. A fruitful collaboration that will potentially continue in the context of a V1. ”


“We are delighted with our collaboration with our partner Surya Digital. Their professionalism and responsiveness are major qualities that we highly appreciate “


“We have been working with Surya since August 2018 with success. They support us by providing skilled IT resources and we work from France, Lyon, with efficiency due to the appropriate organization put in place. Surya is also able to provide strong technical support on specific subjects if necessary.”


I have been working with Surya Software for 15 years. There were several projects for various companies as different as Street lighting control systems or Watch Retail. The capacity of Surya to understand properly the issues related to specific businesses, to answer quickly to complex proposals, and to deliver on time appropriate developments, have given satisfactory and confidence to the end-users vis-à-vis Surya.
Regarding the maintenance of the implemented systems, Surya fulfills its engagements with great professionalism.
Nevertheless, all the above mentioned performances could not have happened without settling tight relationship between Surya’s teams and the customer’s ones.
This is the key of success that Surya is aware of.

Henri MABILLE CIO, Louis Pion