A subsidiary of Galeries Lafayette Group, Louis Pion is a leading retailer and fashion watch manufacturer. Headquartered in France, Louis Pion has more than 170 stores. ERP used by Louis Pion did not cater to the unique requirements of After Sales Service process of Louis Pion. Because of lack of proper system, issues faced by Louis Pion were

  • Loss incurred due to lack of identification of watches that are under warranty
  • Inconsistency of processes across stores
  • Uncontrolled delays in servicing

To address the above issues, Louis Pion decided to custom develop an application. Multiple vendors were evaluated, Surya was selected based on the development approach, timeline and cost.

Project Execution

At beginning of project, Surya was provided with a high level functional specification. Basis this, Surya created a working prototype using AppBrahma tool, a Microsoft Visual Studio add-on that generates codes for online and batch programs. Once the working prototype was ready, a detailed discussion was conducted with Louis Pion key decision makers which consisted of CIO, Project Manager and IT Manager. Outcome of this discussion was a refined specification which included screen and workflow details. Prototype helped Louis Pion team to quickly finalize functional specifications.

Surya started development and test of core modules using AppBrahma. Post onsite installation, UAT was conducted iteratively by core team. Core team requested for further changes which were delivered during multiple UAT iterations. On acceptance, core team conducted training and the system went live with 5 shops, as pilot run. Few more changes were requested and delivered during this pilot run. Core team conducted training for remaining store users, post which the system went live across 170+ stores.

Louis Pion is using the After Sales Service (SAV) system for last 2 years without any major issue. Surya supports the system with continuous refinement and addition of new features, as and when identified by Louis Pion.


Weeks taken to Go-Live from the contract finalization is 27, 25 weeks earlier compared to the original plan of Louis Pion.



  • Working prototype helped Louis Pion to conceptualize the system and Surya to understand the requirements
  • Since parameter screens were quickly generated using AppBrahma tool, enough time was spent to refine core modules
  • Faster development cycle
  • Iterative UAT and parallel fixes helped to stabilize system with small set of users