At Surya, we understand that an organization’s risk and reporting requirements are growing more sophisticated every year with evolving and new regulations, expansion into new markets, and competitive pressures. Hence we are focused on delivering scalable, intuitive and customizable solutions in weeks, not months. Our solutions help banks, asset managers including hedge funds and mutual funds, and corporate treasurers to make better business decisions, improve profitability, and comply with regulations. We combine the latest technology, risk models, and data management techniques to provide:
  • Rapid implementation, whether delivered in the cloud or on premise
  • Superior functional architecture enabling quick customization and integration
  • Simple and intuitive user interfaces with data visualization and drill-down granularity
  • Flexible reporting with built-in support for meeting regulatory requirements

While increased access to new markets has brought higher returns, it has also exposed some institutions to new and potentially damaging market risks. Measuring and managing market risk demands sophisticated statistical and analysis tools.

As your organization expands and begins to operate in multiple markets, the complexity of financial management grows exponentially. Different bank relationships and financial instruments need to be constantly evaluated to achieve the best possible outcomes. To achieve this in a manual fashion is no longer an option in today’s world.